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Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are an integral part of the Crossroads Centre model of treatment, and are used as a means to help facilitate self-awareness. When combined with traditional program elements, such as education, group therapy, individual therapy and peer feedback, they contribute to our holistic approach to the treatment and recovery process.

Fitness Program

Daily fitness instruction is a key component to beginning the recovery process. Our certified fitness instructor works together with our medical staff to assess the appropriate level of fitness activity for each individual client. Clients participate in a combination of exercise activities which may include, but is not limited to land and water aerobics, Tai Chi, muscle toning, Ai Chi, flexibility exercises, sand volleyball, jogging, and strength training. Our gymnasium is furnished with a multi-station gym and cardio equipment, and our on-site pool area is available for both fitness and recreational activities. Exercise activities are scheduled each day, and clients are further encouraged to use the facilities in their spare time. Each week, one scheduled beach trip is organized for clients at one of Antigua’s gorgeous white sand beaches. (See our online video).

Nutritional Assessment

At Crossroads, we place a very high importance on proper diet and nutrition.

Proper nutrition is a cornerstone for achieving optimal recovery for the body. At Crossroads Centre, all clients meet with a nutritionist to assess their nutritional needs and make recommendations for healthy eating. It is not uncommon for clients to enter treatment suffering from malnutrition, increased liver enzymes, diabetes, and/or high cholesterol. Knowing how to make the right dietary choices based on individual need is the key to developing a healthy recovering lifestyle. Through a process of preparing nutrient-rich foods and providing education, counseling, and guided food selection, our nutritionist and kitchen staff work together to help clients achieve balance through nutrition.

Massage Therapy

The use of massage therapy is particularly ideal during the detoxification process, and has been proven to assist clients with symptoms of sleeplessness, anxiety, and muscle discomfort; symptoms often associated with the early stages of treatment. Massage can help speed up the body’s natural healing processes. After years of physical neglect, and relying on chemicals to artificially help the body relax, massage is a natural way of physically releasing tension and allowing the body to experience a healthy state of relaxation.


Yoga is a system of exercise, breathing, and meditation developed thousands of years ago in India. The word yoga means unity, or oneness, and the goal of yoga is to achieve harmony between body, mind, and spirit. Hatha yoga is used at Crossroads Centre and is a branch of yoga that focuses on the physical body through a combination of stretching, positive thinking, breathing, relaxation, and meditation.

In the practice of hatha yoga, the poses help to flush unhealthy toxins out of the body by activating and stimulating circulation, digestion, and elimination. Breathing exercises help to increase lung capacity, and also work to calm anxiety and lower stress levels. This works to bring the body to a state that is receptive to healing and rejuvenation. From this perspective, yoga helps clients achieve an oneness with themselves-something that is often missing in early stages of recovery.

Auricular Acupuncture

The use of auricular acupuncture is based on the ancient Oriental tradition that recognizes that all areas of the body can be assessed through stimulation of specific spots on a particular part of the body. Auricular acupuncture focuses on five points in the outer ear.

Two of these areas focus on the emotional well-being of the client, the Sympathetic, which helps calm the mind, and the Shenman, which can help relieve stress and anger. The remaining three points are aimed at the kidney, liver, and lungs-all of which may be negatively impacted by prolonged abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Acupuncture has many benefits, some of which may include:  Assisting with detoxification, relieving sleeplessness and anxiety, and helping clients experience the body, mind, and spirit connection. This is vital to achieving on-going, sustained recovery. For the individual involved in residential treatment at Crossroads Centre, acupuncture works in harmony with all of our complementary therapies to provide a holistic approach to recovery.

Spiritual Development

 Often when people enter treatment, they describe themselves as having a spiritual void. In fact, spirituality is an aspect of oneself that is frequently lost through the progression of the disease of addiction. At Crossroads Centre, we strive to create an environment in which our clients can discover, or perhaps re-discover their connection with a Higher Power, defined specifically for themselves.

Our Spiritual Counselor is available to meet with clients as a gentle facilitator of this evolving process, and also provides additional guidance to clients working on other spiritual aspects of 12-step programming.