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Families in Recovery

As part of our mission to provide comprehensive care programs for our clients, Crossroads Center recognizes that healing from chemical dependency is more effective with the involvement of families. The presence of addiction within the family system can both create dysfunction and exacerbate the disease progression itself. Family members and concerned others should play a significant role in both the treatment and recovery process. Therefore, we strongly encourage participation in our five-day intensive on-site family program.

Individual family sessions allow each member to receive support in expressing their own needs, and to begin to understand their role in healing the family system. Working with other families helps each participant recognize the power of sharing feelings and experiences as a group, and the knowledge that you don’t have to be alone in coping with the disease. Through lectures, group discussions, and individualized sessions, family program participants learn about relationships, the addiction process, and about changing unhealthy and emotionally destructive communication and lifestyle patterns.

Family Program Criteria

Crossroads Centre family services are extended to anyone who perceives himself or herself to be affected by and/or in a relationship with someone struggling with the disease of addiction. Our program is best suited to persons aged 18 and older. This includes anyone who:

  • Has a family member or significant other in active addiction or recovery
  • Wants to learn more about the disease of addiction
  • Wants to resolve or work through relationship issues involving addiction and/or codependency

Accommodations for Family Program Participants

Crossroads has on-site accommodations available at low cost for individuals participating in our family program. Both single and double occupancy is available. Rooms are air conditioned, and include television, internet, fridge, and coffee makers. All rooms, have private baths and covered porches. A separate pool and social area is also available to guests.  For reservations, please refer to the Family Program Registration Form. Off-site accommodations are also available.

What if family members are unable to attend the program?

There are several ways in which our treatment team encourages the involvement of families or significant others in the treatment and recovery process. As part of our program, we have developed a family questionnaire, which is completed and returned by family members and which allows a venue for essential family input. This questionnaire is then used as part of the therapy process in treatment and provides an avenue to further explore the dynamics of significant relationships. In addition, the client’s primary counselor also utilizes phone conferences to connect with family members unable to attend the program in person. During treatment, we frequently refer families and significant others to therapeutic professionals and programs in the United States and other countries, and work collaboratively with them to begin the process of healing compromised relationships.


For those with a family member or significant other currently enrolled in the Crossroads Centre residential program, there is no additional cost for family program participation.  There is a fee of US $500. for individuals who do not currently have a loved one enrolled in the program.