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Frequently Asked Questions

When you come to Crossroads, you enter into a healing environment both inside the Centre, and outside on the beautiful island of Antigua.

How long is the program?

Crossroads Centre offers lengths-of-stay from 30-days to 6 months.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost of the 30-day residential program is US $28,500 and an additional US $15,000 for each additional month up to six months. Treatment fees are due and payable prior to the time of admission. Fees include on-site detoxification services; in house medical services; all assessment and other therapeutic services; complementary therapies such as massage, auricular acupuncture, fitness instruction; continuing care planning and family program participation. Fees for off-site medical services are not included in the treatment fees.

Why is treatment at Crossroads Centre less costly than at other comparable programs?

Our facility is operated by the Crossroads at Antigua Foundation, which is based in the United Kingdom, and helps to subsidize the cost of treatment for clients. As envisioned by our founder, Mr. Eric Clapton, providing an optimal quality of care at an affordable price is a key component to our mission.

Do you accept insurance?

Crossroads Centre works with a limited number of international insurance companies. Please contact our admissions department to determine if we are in network with your provider. We are not currently contracted with any US insurance companies. We will, however, provide medical records to US insurance carriers, if authorized in writing by the client, in order to help in requesting consideration for reimbursement. Some US clients have been successful in obtaining reimbursement post discharge.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Crossroads Centre accepts wire transfer, credit card, and bank draft. Unless paying by bank draft, full payment is expected prior to admission.

Who typically seeks treatment at Crossroads Centre?

Crossroads Centre provides treatment to men and women who are 25 years of age or older, with a primary diagnosis of chemical dependency. While we serve an international clientele from the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, other countries and the Caribbean, approximately 75% of our clients hail from the United States. This cultural diversity makes for a dynamic milieu. Our unique location provides an optimal level of anonymity and confidentiality. For personal and career considerations, some clients may choose to enter treatment where medical records are maintained off-shore.

How many clients are in treatment at any given time?

Crossroads Centre provides treatment for a maximum of 32 clients at a time, allowing for an optimal number of 8-10 persons in group therapy sessions. With our low client to staff ratio, and the intimate size of our facility, no one gets overlooked, and all receive a high degree of care and attention. The concern and dedication of our entire staff is always evident.

How do I get there?

Antigua is accessible by direct flight from locations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Our Admissions staff can provide information on finding the most direct routes from your area. You can also view our Travel Page for additional travel and passport information. Upon arrival on the island, clients are met by our driver, who makes sure that they complete the customs procedure as quickly as possible. We have special arrangements with the Antigua and Barbuda Immigration Department to allow for smooth entrance into the country.

How is the quality of meals?

All of our food is prepared fresh in our kitchen, using a variety of local fruits and vegetables, as well as meat, poultry and fish. The dining room is open-air, with a beautiful dining porch overlooking the bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Meals at Crossroads Centre are rich in flavor and healthy, providing the nutrition needed in early recovery. We carefully monitor the use of sugar and salt in the menu, and include a daily variety of menu items. Most special dietary requirements can be accommodated, and all clients complete a nutritional assessment following admission.

Are private rooms available?

All of our client rooms are double occupancy, with the exception of some of the detox rooms. Clients are encouraged to break the pattern of isolation that often accompanies addiction through practicing healthy sober communication skills with their roommate and other clients on an ongoing basis. If you have a specific need to not share a room, this can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Clients in private rooms may incur additional charges.

Is there time away from campus?

Twice weekly, clients leave campus accompanied by staff for a beach outing that includes swimming, relaxing, and a Big Book meeting. During the last week of program, clients attend an off-campus 12-step meeting accompanied by staff. Clients are not permitted to leave campus unescorted.

What are the qualifications of the Crossroads Centre Treatment Team?

Please review our Treatment Team Page to be introduced to each of our team members.