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What makes Crossroads Centre Different?

As there are many options for choosing a recovery program, this is a question often posed by individuals and families, alike. The answer to this question comes from the experiences of those who have already begun their healing in our program and the unique nature of our environment. Every day, we see those who enter treatment in a place of despair and hopelessness begin to heal and discover how recovery is clearly within their grasp. This transformation is encouraged by:

  1. An optimally serene and tranquil environment, with few distractions, where we take full advantage of our waterfront location.
  2. Our remote Caribbean location, which maximizes the anonymity and confidentiality for each of our clients.
  3. Length of Stays from 30-90 days and up to 6 months.
  4. 5-Day Intensive Family Program.
  5. A model for recovery that is founded in the Twelve Steps, but emphasizes a holistic approach that addresses and promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This process encourages release from feelings of guilt and other shame-based emotions.
  6. Our small capacity (32 beds) lends itself to individually tailoring treatment to the needs of each client.
  7. A low patient to staff ratio maximizes the care and attention that each client receives.
  8. Our treatment team is comprised of highly qualified international professionals, skilled in the complexities presented by the disease of addiction.
  9. Treatment at Crossroads Centre is client-driven, not managed care-driven.
  10. Affordability of optimal care due, in part, to our non-profit status.