A Spectacular Event

We all know the power that music has. It connects people. It’s soulful, it’s captivating. Where words often fail, music speaks. On the 20th and the 21st of September 2019, the fifth installment of the Crossroads Guitar Festival was held in Dallas. Words cannot begin to describe the therapeutic energy that radiated over this spectacular two day event.

From interactive exhibits for guitar enthusiasts, to non-stop live music, the village was alive. It was filled with positive energy and pure excitement. You could feel the good vibes everywhere you went. One of the more heartwarming and rewarding experiences had to have been the scale of attendees who came over to the Crossroads booth to shake the hands of staff and simply say Thank You. Some thanked us for our dedication, some thanked us for simply being available, and some thanked us for helping them get their lives back. Despite the reasons behind why they said Thank You, the power that those two words hold when spoken with earnestness is indescribable. To hear the heartfelt gratitude in the voices of so many is a beautiful reminder of the mission at Crossroads: To continue to provide treatment of the highest quality and help our clients start their journey toward a life free from the devastating effects of alcohol and other drug dependencies.

Another unforgettable moment of the two day event was the announcement of the new movement: Turn up for Recovery. Many people struggling with addiction often feel as though help is either out of reach or simply not available to them. Turn Up For Recovery is a grassroots movement, aiming to raise awareness of the disease of addiction and fundraise for abstinence based recovery services. All of the funds raised during hosted gigs go towards providing care and support for those struggling with addiction. This announcement was met with thunderous applause and optimism. People genuinely seemed encouraged by the movement – they seemed hopeful. Again, it was a beautiful thing to witness.

The live performances were of epic proportion: Eric Clapton and friends – everyone who graced the stage with their talent absolutely shined at the Crossroads Guitar Festival. They were powerful, they were inspirational –they were there for a phenomenal cause: to raise funds for Crossroads Centre so that those in need have a therapeutic, supportive and safe environment to go when they are ready to seek help.

The two day event was unparalleled. Incomparable…Amazing…Fabulous…Incredible. Words don’t begin to justify the elation that emanated at the festival. I believe that many people walked away from this event inspired, renewed and grateful. The festival was two days of magic; two days of exhilaration, and a lifetime of memories for an important cause.

  1. cschenoweth9 says:

    Thank you Sooooo very much

  2. Mike Klosek says:

    One thing recovery and music have in common is that there is plenty of room at the top for All to succeed. Please follow this awesome band that was brought together for the purpose of maintaining their own sobriety and to help as many as possible achieve their own level of success. They may just change the world!
    “Blank hands”

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