Have you ever sat and thought about that project that you “should have” finished ages ago?  It could be something small, like organizing the last 15 years of your family photos which are stacked in piles in the bottom corner of the living-room bookshelf, or maybe it’s repaving the driveway that, had you done it […]

While quite new in recovery from alcoholism and addiction I was “delivered” to the sponsor who “got me” and who I came to respect, trust and love. Her near daily words to me were “mind your own business”, “your head is no longer for rent” and “write a gratitude list”.  Today I have learned to […]

“I hope you don’t mind, but I just have to detour and see if that sign is for real.” I found a dive buddy in Cabo San Lucas and we were off to Cabo Pulmo for a day of diving; an hour and half away, much of the journey on washboard roads that are often […]

Lisa Johnson presents 108 Rock Star Guitars to Crossroads Centre Executive Officer, Kim Martin[/caption] We recently met up with photographer Lisa Johnson, who, while visiting Antigua, donated to Crossroads a copy of her debut book entitled “108 Rock Star Guitars”.  Released in October 2013, the book features some of the rock industry’s most well known […]

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