Our addictions affect us mentally, physically, spiritually and often financially.  Many people have found themselves in a financial disaster from various life situations and are trying to take the proper steps to get their finances back in order.  The road to financial recovery is possible and takes a lot of dedication and discipline. HOW ARE […]

Drug addiction is a very serious illness which has significant negative impact on one’s mental and physical health. Addiction is a condition that requires a variety of treatments including medical and psychotherapy. There is pertinent research existing to confirm that exercise plays a pivotal role in forging recovery. Crossroads Centre holistic approach to treatment and […]

Many of us look forward to summer; especially the warm weather, it signifies a time of relaxation, recharging with a much needed vacation and enjoying long weekends with family and friends. We look forward to a relaxed lifestyle and longer days. We are invited to more social activities; the kids are on break from school, […]

Have you ever sat and thought about that project that you “should have” finished ages ago?  It could be something small, like organizing the last 15 years of your family photos which are stacked in piles in the bottom corner of the living-room bookshelf, or maybe it’s repaving the driveway that, had you done it […]

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