While quite new in recovery from alcoholism and addiction I was “delivered” to the sponsor who “got me” and who I came to respect, trust and love. Her near daily words to me were “mind your own business”, “your head is no longer for rent” and “write a gratitude list”.  Today I have learned to […]

“I hope you don’t mind, but I just have to detour and see if that sign is for real.” I found a dive buddy in Cabo San Lucas and we were off to Cabo Pulmo for a day of diving; an hour and half away, much of the journey on washboard roads that are often […]

Lisa Johnson presents 108 Rock Star Guitars to Crossroads Centre Executive Officer, Kim Martin[/caption] We recently met up with photographer Lisa Johnson, who, while visiting Antigua, donated to Crossroads a copy of her debut book entitled “108 Rock Star Guitars”.  Released in October 2013, the book features some of the rock industry’s most well known […]

Last week, Crossroads was pleased to host Nzinga A. Harrison, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at California based Anka Behavioral Health, INC. Dr. Harrison is a well sought after practitioner and speaker who has been published extensively in a variety of academic publications and professional journals. She is Board certified in both General Psychiatry and Addiction […]

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