When making the decision to enter a treatment program, people have definite ideas about the results they want from sobriety.  For many the dream of recovery includes the idea of being able to make it up to their families for all the hurt they have caused.  They want to be able to follow through with […]

I still remember the picture I drew in rehab almost 28 years ago. We were asked to draw an image or picture of our Higher Power. I was jaded, cynical and certainly didn t want to draw something so silly. I was “spiritually bankrupt” as “they” say. Words to describe and identify the seeds of […]

Beyond weight loss, strength and muscle toning, exercise is most effective when it is also directed towards improving posture disorder and creating muscle balance. In recognition of this concern Crossroads Centre fitness program places emphasis on exercises that are functional and address the postural needs of each client. Postural disorder or dysfunction, affecting an estimated […]

Tim is leaving treatment after 4 weeks and is interested in re-establishing a healthy sexual relationship with his partner, only to realize that “the plumbing doesn’t work.” Jane, after 6 weeks rehab. has no interested in being sexual since most of her previous sexual experiences were violent and abusive. Joe is frightened about sexuality, saying, […]

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