I sat with a discharging client this month, reviewing his experience during his treatment stay with us. It was enlightening and highlighted some challenges common in early recovery. The client smiled warmly while recalling two struggles he had with the program and the lessons learnt from them. He noted that: It was difficult keeping to […]

Recovery is hard work and a lifelong process. An old-timer in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous once said, “It’s a simple program, but it will take everything you’ve got!” Once working a good recovery program, you will come to realize that life substance-free is a life worth living. It’s a life of self sacrifice that […]

There comes a moment of recognition in the life of every addict that their struggle with addictive substances will never be over without the help of a supportive, nurturing network, the provision of coping tools and an oasis of escape to heal. It is this moment that leads the addict to Inpatient Treatment Programs. However, […]

Learning to Love Yourself   Love is the most powerful emotion a human being can experience. Yet, for many of us who have experienced addiction, and witnessed the havoc our disease has caused in our lives and in relationships with others, we can be left with feelings of low self-esteem caused by shame and guilt. […]

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