Coming face to face with your fears can be most terrifying; realizing that you don’t have to be controlled by that fear means that you can come out of that dark tunnel to glorious new opportunities for living your life.  One of the simplest ways to eliminate your fears is to accept them. Fear is […]

Travel season is here; vacations are a time to relax and rejuvenate. Some persons with substance use disorders may find traveling challenging with increase fear and anxiety. When you travel, you are separated from your familiar support network and routine is disrupted. Time spent away from home doesn’t have to threaten your sobriety, remember you […]

Exercise is important for our health and fitness; it helps our body to function more efficiently by improving muscle balance, cardiovascular efficiency power, flexibility, tone, speed and endurance. Achieving these benefits however, depends on how we apply exercise principles, which is how we make the exercises count. APPLICATION AND FUNCTION Quite often exercises are performed […]

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease of the mind, body and spirit, which people can and do recover. We are all on a journey of personal development and self-awareness, a journey of progress, not perfection.  As a treatment center, we are working diligently in preparation for acquiring accreditation and I look forward in sharing the […]

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