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Codependency…..What is it… Joanne Gonsalves, MSW Clinical Director, Crossroads Centre, Antigua Codependency refers to a mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual reliance on another person. The term “Codependent” was originally conceived in the 1950’s in the context of Alcoholics Anonymous to support family/partners of alcoholics and whose lives became unmanageable and destructive because of the people […]

Serenity Tiffany Smith, Msc, MBPsS, M-RAS Admissions Counselor, Crossroads Centre, Antigua Sometimes, recovery, or life, is not quite the way we want it to be. The holidays are over and it’s 2022. A year for which so many of us had high hopes, like no more covid-19, no more travel bans and no more masks! […]

Living from Our Authenticity: Lessons from Kenya Rokelle Lerner Senior Clinical Advisor, Crossroads Centre, Antigua Several years ago, I was privileged to do some consultation in Kenya. While I was looking at the pictures I reflected on the beauty and grandeur of the animals and the great metaphors for life and recovery that they provide. […]