“I truly can’t begin to thank you for the light years of progress you gave me during my 2 days with you. It was astonishing how laser focused everything you did was on all the areas I struggle so much with. And the way you explained things opened my eyes and made things sink in like never before.” Carolyn D.

Join Us for Our Upcoming Workshops:

Workshops are limited to 10 people

October 19-20

Mending the Heart, Healing the Spirit: Learning to Forgive and Let Go

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you forget what was done or neglect to protect yourself in the future. Forgiveness is a process that stems from our willingness to choose a life of peace rather than bitterness. In this workshop participants will learn the skills needed to take the steps towards empowerment by practicing the dynamics of letting go, acceptance and ultimately forgiveness of self and others.

October 23-24

From Reactivity to Integrity: Healing Boundaries and Codependency

There is no such thing as loving too much! However we need to value ourselves enough to love without losing our sense of self. Strong reactions often stem from old trauma and the consequences are disastrous. At times the inability to set clear boundaries leads to withdrawal resulting in isolation and loneliness. This workshop focuses on reclaiming identity by learning to balance our love and compassion with actions that support our best interest and needs and responding from integrity instead of reactivity.

October 26-27

Trauma Resolution: Releasing the Shame, Resolving the Losses

Trauma is the precursor to addiction, eating disorders, suicide, and violence. Those who never resolve the abuse or neglect, reverberate from trauma throughout their lives. After experiencing trauma, shame can haunt victims in a powerful manner which impedes the healing process. This workshop will help to transform debilitating shame and self- loathing to a state of increased resilience, compassion and the potential of feeling the fullness of optimism and joy in life.

Workshop Details


The Montague on the Garden Hotel

15 Montague Street




10am – 5pm daily


£455.00 per workshop

£1,300.00 to attend all three (£50.00 discount)

Payment options:

Credit Card


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Payable to:

Crossroads Antigua Foundation

Mail to:

Crossroads Antigua Foundation

c/o Bushbranch Limited Suite 3 Old King’s Head Court

Dorking Surrey


About the Workshops:

Those in recovery often need a boost while healing from trauma, relationship issues or other process addictions.

The Rokelle Lerner Workshops, sponsored by Crossroads Centre Antigua, are intensive two-day seminars where individual attention is given to each participant.

These workshops are not just a “rehashing” of issues. They offer a strong focus on resiliency and creating an action plan for the future that gives individuals a chance to move forward in their growth.

Who Is Rokelle Lerner?

Rokelle is the Senior Clinical Advisor for Crossroads Centre Antigua. She is an international consultant and lecturer on addiction, trauma and relationship issues. For the past twenty-one years Rokelle has facilitated Spring Workshops in London, UK.

Ms Lerner has authored many books including: The Object of My Affection is in My Reflection: Coping with Narcissists, Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics, Affirmations for the Inner Child, Living in the Comfort Zone: The Gift of Boundaries in Relationships and Inkspirations: A Coloring Book that Celebrates Recovery.


“I came to Rokelle’s workshops on the recommendation of my therapist and left with a sense of true freedom and clearing of an issue that has been troubling me for years.”

Richard H.

Get the Boost You Need!

Create an action plan for your future

For more information, contact:

Catty White

Sandra McCoy

Rokelle Lerner