Keep Hope Alive

Recovering from addiction can sometimes be a challenging and difficult journey. There may be times on your path when you feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and unsure of your ability to continue.
At times you may wonder, what is the point if life keeps throwing curve balls and catching you in your blind spot. You may even feel like all hope is lost, but once you have breath, hold on to hope.

Hope that it does get better!
Hope that there is life after recovery!

As hopeless as you may feel in the moment, you can make it. And know that your story will one day be an inspiration for someone else to help them on their journey.
Here affirmations to remember in times when you are losing hope:

  1. “I’m proud of the progress I have made.” Remind yourself of the progress you have made, no matter how small. Celebrate the small and the big wins.
  2. “I am not alone on my journey.” Remind yourself that you are never alone even when it feels that way. Reach out to your support network and connect with others or your higher power when it all seems too much.
  3. “I will take it one day at a time, one moment at a time.” Sometimes the recovery journey can seem overwhelming, and it may be helpful to focus on one day at a time. And if that seems too much, take one moment at a time.
  4. “I am capable of change.” Remind yourself that you are stronger and more capable than you think or feel. In moments that you don’t feel strong enough, borrow the strength from someone else to create the change that you desire.
  5. “I am loved.” Remember that you are loved and important to someone else.
  6. “I am enough.” Recovery takes patience, resilience, and perseverance. You have all the tools necessary within you to get and stay on the road of recovery.

It’s OK to ask for help!
It’s OK to accept help!

In times when you feel like you are losing hope, reach out for help. Losing hope is a common experience for many. Seek out support when you can’t cope on your own.
Remind yourself of your strength, your progress, and your ability to overcome addiction and stay motivated to continue the path because there is life after recovery!

Promise of a New Day – A book of daily meditations by Karen Casey
Each Day a New Beginning – Daily meditations for women by Karen Casey
One Day at a Time – Al anon

Saran P. King MD

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