New Crossroads Renewal Retreats

Find Greater Wholeness in Your Recovery

Crossroads Centre Antigua Renewal Retreat

The word renewal brings to mind a distinct point in time when you make a decision to restore something that inspires a feeling of hope. Whether it’s renewing wedding vows or a recommitment to a Higher Power, it is a life giving word with a sense of promise to it. In all instances, a person is making a choice to reaffirm what is important in their lives. They are embracing the thought of taking time to reflect on their journey in life…to remember what is valuable and vital.

Crossroads Antigua provides an opportunity to renew your commitment to sobriety by offering a 5-day retreat to take a break from your daily life and challenges and reconnect to yourself, to others and to your spirituality.

Does your current journey of sobriety feel like it’s sailing in rough seas?

This retreat will calm the storms.

Is your voyage of sobriety venturing off course?

This retreat will realign your purpose.

Does your journey of sobriety feel like it’s dead in the water?

This retreat will re-energize your passion for sober living.

In the serene setting of Antigua you can join others who seek the same recommitment. You will gain new insight into coping skills that will empower you to see obstacles in a new light. You will experience 12-Step groups, group discussions and participate seaside therapy sessions. To help attain optimum quality and balance in life, holistic therapies including yoga, meditation, acupuncture and therapeutic massage are also offered during the retreat.

This continuing care program is one of many ways we at Crossroads Antigua desire to help you stay focused on sobriety while acquiring ongoing skills to find optimum health, happiness and serenity.

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Next available retreat is October 8-13, 2017. Reserve your place today!