Progress not Perfection

Addiction is a chronic and progressive disease of the mind, body and spirit, which people can and do recover.

We are all on a journey of personal development and self-awareness, a journey of progress, not perfection.  As a treatment center, we are working diligently in preparation for acquiring accreditation and I look forward in sharing the outcome with all of you. This process shall ensure that Crossroads Centre continues to follow best practices and standards in delivering world -class treatment services. Accreditation assists service providers to improve the quality of their services and meet internationally recognized standards.

The Leadership Team often reminds staff that the work we do as a team in addiction recovery is a process of continuous change, healing and growth.  Our goal to provide an effective continuum of care, positive treatment experience and outcome for clients and their loved ones is a reflection and commitment to our Mission.

Human beings are fallible; successful people did not get where they are because they did not fail, the reality is that they failed many times throughout their journey and learned from having real experiences with failure but did not give up.  Fear of failure and a desire for perfectionism actually gets in the way of success and progress. Life then becomes a destination and not a journey, the journey of self-awareness that you have embarked on in recovery is an ongoing process.

Journal writing is an excellent therapeutic tool to monitor progress. Once a month or every three months; review the progress you’ve made with a therapist, sponsor, supportive family member or friend. By doing this, you will constantly give yourself new references, not only about how far you have come, but for the skills you have gained that will carry you even further on  a continuum in improving quality of life.

Progress is moving forward; perfection implies stagnation.

With perfectionism often comes an all-or-nothing attitude; this negative mindset may lead to a relapse.

The Twelve Step program of recovery encourages members to aim for progress, not perfection a directive of growth. We commit to our recovery meetings, working with a sponsor, eating healthy, practicing meditation, yoga and exercising regularly.

Allowing healing of the mind, body and spirit; seeing the benefits promised by a life in recovery, we commit to personal responsibility and do whatever it takes to get well.

Continue striving for progress not perfection.

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