Renewal and Reflection

Renewal has been in my mind for most of this year and a constant reminder to strengthen the body, sharpen the mind and renew the spirit.

Seasons change, so does your recovery program from time to time, transitioning from fall to winter is a great opportunity to work on renewing the mind, body, and spirit; leading into Thanksgiving and the Holiday season.

It is important to continue with reflection practices to help strengthen your recovery program. Meditation, journal writing, yoga and prayer, practiced on a consistent basis help to keep us connected with a higher power.

Self-renewal and reflection act as a catalyst agent in regaining inner strength and resolve in pursuit of a relationship with a higher power. This time of year is also recognized with renewal reverence; leaves change into beautiful earth tones, a good time to reflect on all your accomplishments and challenges for the year and refocus if required to end the year successfully.

While we can’t control the change of seasons, we can work on boosting our spirit and strengthen our recovery programs.
Socialize more, plan a fun sober activity with a family member or friend and be mindful of triggers. As we approach the holidays, attend events with a sober companion for additional support. Keep exercising, do what you enjoy or try something different, sign up for line or ball- room dancing, great bonding activity with a spouse or significant other.
Talk to a professional, If you find it difficult shaking those winter blue feelings, it would be a good idea to reach out for ongoing therapy, a therapist can help you navigate those uncomfortable emotions or suggest ways to combat and monitor your moods. At any rate, you should never feel you need to suffer alone and reaching out to a support network can help banish feelings of loneliness.

Taking care of ourselves is number one priority in recovery, there is always hope and a chance for rebirth and renewal no matter how defeated you may feel from time to time. That spirit is always there; just like seasons change so do you and true miracles happen because recovery is possible.

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