Tiffany Smith, Msc, MBPsS, M-RAS
Admissions Counselor, Crossroads Centre, Antigua

Sometimes, recovery, or life, is not quite the way we want it to be. The holidays are over and it’s 2022. A year for which so many of us had high hopes, like no more covid-19, no more travel bans and no more masks! The reality of it all is a little different, like life is at times. Coming through the holidays the start of a year can be a lonely time for the addict, whether with a crowd or alone. A time of waking up with regret, or a time of waking up with another day of the promise of recovery.

The new year gives us great opportunities regardless of where we are in each of our journeys, as family members, support systems and addicts; like the opportunity to re-commit to living honestly, to sharpen our assertive communication and conflict management skills, strengthen our boundaries and invest more in our social support and fellowship. So often, it’s the stories of getting bored with meetings, self-talk that got in the way of honesty, lack of healthy communication and relaxing boundaries that lead to phones ringing in the admission office. The disappointments, losses, temptations and even comforts will always be there. In 2022, I want to challenge you to accept the things you cannot change, to have the courage to control or change what you can, and practice using wisdom to know the difference.

Here is a very short story which I found meaningful: Two neighbours spoke to each other from across the fence that separated their yard. It was the second of January 2022. The first said to the other ‘I am terrified of what 2022 could be like. Aren’t you? The world is so messed up, covid has ruined everything, people are horrible… aren’t you dreading what 2022 could bring?’

The second answered while he was bent low on the other side of the fence, ‘I think 2022 will bring me flowers and bear me some good fruit’.

‘Oh yeah?’ the first replied, surprised. He had an expression of downright annoyance. ‘What gives you that idea?’

‘Because today I’m planting flowers and sowing seeds.’

What seeds do you plant today for your recovery? What will you continue to plant one day at a time to bear fruit that will make these trying times just a little more tolerable? Hopefully, we’ll hear from you this time next year, to hear all about the good harvest in your life.

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