Spreading the Good Word

Recovery is possible! These three simple words speak volumes to those who have suffered with addiction and have found hope and renewal in recovery. It is a simple message, and yet it is a message that seems grossly understated. How do you support this message and let others who are still suffering, know that recovery is possible in their lives? As an alumnus of Crossroads you know the value of service to a strong recovery program. Your service in recovery is one way that you can support the message that Recovery is possible. Others may also come to know this message through their mere observation of your lifestyle and behaviour. After all, think of how many of you have, at some point, listened to a speaker and thought to yourself “I want what he’s /she’s got”.

At Crossroads we continue to witness Crossroads alumni spreading the word about recovery through alumni referrals. These personal connections and experiences are so important to those who are desperately looking for a thread of hope. Some of you have shared your personal stories with virtual strangers who have called Crossroads requesting an alumni contact to help them decide if this is the right treatment program for them. Others of you have shared your Crossroads experience with friends, family members, co-workers who you saw were in need of treatment intervention. Your referrals and your good words about our program continue to help others find recovery through Crossroads. When you refer to Crossroads you join us in our our vision to provide quality, affordable care within a treatment setting that puts the clinical needs of clients and their families at the forefront of all that we do.

If you know someone who needs addiction treatment and who may fear they cannot afford it, contact Joni or Morvel in the Admissions department. In recent months we have expanded our financial aid program in order to provide additional financial relief for our clients. We have a very simple application process and can generally inform clients of their eligibility to receive financial aid within the same day the application is made.

Thank you for your support. Continue to spread the good word about recovery and join us in our efforts to make recovery possible for even more people in need.

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