Steps in Time… Reflecting on the Recovery Journey

Crossroads Centre 20th Anniversary and Alumni Reunion took place on November 16 – 18, 2018. The experience was emotional and rewarding for all in attendance. In this blog, we take a moment to reflect on moments shared during this celebratory weekend.

The theme for this year’s reunion is a significant reminder of the founder’s mission when the treatment center opened 20 years ago. It captures the very soul of the organization. It represents the journey of each client that has walked through the doors and their victory in challenging addiction one step at a time following the principles of the 12 Steps and Traditions. Alumnus Bill D. in submitting the theme “12 in 20 Steps in Time” noted that putting the 12 Steps into action has allowed for a sober life to grow across time and ripen into a life worth living. For him 12 Steps x 20 Years x Thousands of Crossroads clients is equal to lots of soul-searching, pain and then redemption that has changed many lives for the better, many steps later. His heart felt recall of his personal miracle in May 1999 is synonymous with all alumni attending the reunion.

Eric Clapton in a Reader’s Digest interview in January 2000 proclaimed “If we get one person sober, it’ll have been worth every penny, because you can’t put a value on human life.” This year’s reunion celebrated the value of the many human lives that were touched by his generosity and vision. The very first client of Crossroads, Alumnus Eddie B. represented that one person envisioned by Mr. Clapton many years ago. Today 20 years later Eddie B. is still sober and attributes his success to the 12 Steps Traditions. His advice to all newcomers is to “Go to meetings, as it is very important to be present”. A similar mantra was shared by Alumnus Bob W. as he reflected on his 17 years of sobriety. As president of the Tri-State Crossroads Alumni chapter, he revealed in solemnity “I came to Crossroads a broken man and as a result of starting my journey in sobriety here, today I have my wife and family still intact and have enjoyed a blessed life better than I could have ever imagined when I was at my bottom in 2001.” He added the AA axiom, which states “You’ve got to give it away to keep it”, and as he gave and helped others he stopped thinking about himself and gained so many blessings in return. Throughout the reunion celebrations the message was consistently clear. Recovery is possible, the 12 Steps and Traditions work and sobriety is a rebirth, a celebration of life.

Two of most pulsating reunion events were:

  • The Recovery countdown, which acknowledged the sobriety milestone held by each person present in recovery. Many alumni were applauded for their perseverance but the greatest standing ovation was given to our most recent client who made that major step and walked through our doors 2 days before. The recovery countdown represented strength and hope.

  • Saturday evening’s celebration ended with a performance by Eric Clapton. The atmosphere was one of reverence and immense gratitude for his vision and faith in opening Crossroads Centre 20 years ago.

There were many stories shared during this weekend each celebrating recovery without regret. Thanks to all of your memories, gratitude and faith. You have all made the vision of providing quality treatment a reality by trusting in us. We will march on one step at a time.

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