Uplift Your Recovery Program

We are now approaching the rainy season here in Antigua and although we’ve had considerable amount of rain over the past two weeks it is no way near getting us out of what is now considered “Drought” in the region.

Drought is defined as extended periods of months or years when a region notes a deficiency in its water supply. It can have a substantial impact on the ecosystem and agriculture of the affected region.

Are any of you experiencing a period of “drought” in recovery? Does your spiritual or wellness program require strengthening? If so, consider re-evaluating your current plan or create a new plan according to where you are in life and recovery.

In recent follow up, an alumnus shared a sense of fulfillment and enjoyment engaging in different types of 12 step meetings.

For example in her small women’s group she’s comfortable sharing personal information that is empowering and in her open groups the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of folks and newcomers is exciting and rewarding.

Listed are a few suggestions on how to get started:

  1. Establish relationships with others in recovery: Successful recovery cannot be accomplished in isolation; if you haven’t attended a 12 Step meeting or a Crossroads alumni chapter meeting make a special effort to attend. Also take the initiative and help us establish new alumni chapters in your region. Are any of you eager to take on a leadership role and chair regular meetings? Are you available to provide support to newcomers? Please contact me for further instruction.
  2. Contact your sponsor or obtain a sponsor: Complete or restart the 12 Steps, connect with a Big Book group, participate in service work and continue to work on a spiritual program.
  3. Engage in wellness activities: a wellness program is also vital for overall health and provides balance in our lives. I encourage you to find new ways to achieve optimal health and you can be creative. Exercise does not need to be achieved in the traditional manner; If the gym environment works for you that’s fantastic, if it doesn’t try something new.
    My own personal journey began two years ago; I was a novice to swimming and had a desire and willingness to learn. I took up the challenge and started taking lessons; I now fit swimming into my schedule as a weekly activity and enjoy it as a sport. Not only do I achieve a complete body workout; swimming in the ocean connects me with nature and my higher power and creates my peace and serenity. I encourage all of you to seek out your own serenity; whether you work out at a gym, practice yoga, cycling, walking, running, boating and fishing. Be creative and do what works to achieve your peace/ serenity and keep moving.
  4. Have fun and relax: Participate in a retreat program, go on a sober cruise, attend alumni gatherings and events in your region and connect with others in fellowship. Life is about choices and creating your own happiness.
  5. Make a gratitude list: Journal everyday what you are grateful for; this can become your own personal meditation and daily affirmations. Establish your own sober support network through fellowship; surround yourself with supportive family and friends. Sponsor someone in early recovery and give back through service work. All these activities will provide a sense of fulfillment and enhance your life.

If you would like to submit suggestions/ feedback on ways to uplift a recovery program please email me at: alumni@crossroadsantigua.org and your ideas will be shared in next month’s alumni update.

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