Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program


“I highly recommend the programs at Crossroads to anyone who is serious about overcoming addiction and turning their life around.”

Cynthia R., Crossroads Centre Antigua Alumni

Crossroads Centre’s Virtual IOP Program (VIOP)

Online Substance Abuse Counseling

Crossroad’s VIOP brings online substance abuse counseling to you with the same results driven approach established over the past 21 years through our residential program.

As an international treatment facility, our VIOP permits continuous service delivery to clients globally. This online substance abuse counseling service uses a virtual secure platform.

The success of our treatment over the years is tied to our philosophy “Recovery First”, but with support. This 12-step principle of recovery is embedded in our VIOP as it is in our residential care.

The VIOP is infused with many evidenced-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. Clients will participate in addiction education, relapse prevention, holistic goal planning, journaling and anger management.

Is online substance abuse counseling right for you?

Intensive outpatient programs provide substance abuse treatment services for clients as part of their continuum of care or as part of their preliminary efforts to seek help for substance use disorders.

IOPs enable clients to continue with their normal, daily routine, while getting the help they need to begin their recovery journey. It could be a natural step-down care for clients leaving residential treatment and returning to a healthier lifestyle but needing support. Alternatively, IOPs give clients whose addiction problems are fairly mild an option to get help or those with work or family commitments a chance to begin recovery without worrying about the impact of their absence on their commitment.

Crossroad’s VIOP is designed to suit your specific recovery needs. However, it is important to consider if this online substance abuse counseling program is right for you.

Online substance abuse counseling is ideal for you if you’re:

  • Living in remote locations and are challenged to travel to onsite facility for services.

  • With family or work commitments that make it difficult to leave your life behind for an extended period of time.

  • In the entertainment industry or a traveling executive who is always on the go.

  • Within a safe and supportive home environment.

  • Motivated to start your recovery but scared to do this alone.

  • Completing a residential treatment and establishing a healthier routine.

  • In recovery but faced with recent environmental or situational triggers such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

See What Our Patients Are Sayings

“I was fortunate enough to attend Crossroads during a very difficult time in my life. Like so many I had a busy life, several difficult events that led me to use alcohol as a coping mechanism which seemed, at the time, my only way out. Crossroads helped to rebuild me one day at a time.

When I came home, I returned to quarantine and COVID which wasn’t the ideal situation. I again turned to Crossroads for the VIOP. The experience gave me the strength to land on my feet, while in my own home and reset my routine. All of our journeys are different, but the VIOP was a necessary and extremely valuable part of mine.

If you are considering the VIOP at this time during COVID or looking to gain access to invaluable support I will be forever grateful to Crossroads and can’t recommend them highly enough. So extremely grateful.”

Julia F, Canada

“Having been to two residential recovery programs prior to doing online substance abuse counseling at Crossroads, I was skeptical about how the program would work while still coping in the “real” world. I was very pleased to see the changes in me throughout the 6 weeks of VIOP.

The fact that I was still at home and working was a struggle but as I moved through the modules, I was aware that having to cope with day to day life was becoming easier. The online learning and therapy provided me with guidance and support as I worked my program and applied my acquired skills to situations that used to cause me stress.

I completed my 6 weeks and felt more prepared to deal with life than I had been when I left a 28-day residential program. The staff of Crossroads are among the best in the field and my individual counsellor was always there when I needed her and I am eternally grateful to her and Crossroads.”

Teena T, Canada

“My experience of Crossroad’s online substance abuse counseling was just what I needed to take my recovery journey to a new level.

My six-week participation in the program opened up my mind to my ability to recover with the support of the group. As a group we bonded over the weeks. We shared our stories and supported each other in a way I’d never thought possible online.

Our therapists were, above all, kind and nurturing. The didactics were informative and enlightening. Group discussion afterwards played a huge part in the success of my experience. I relaxed into the program.

My twice weekly Individual Therapy sessions brought me out of myself. My therapist was wonderful. Each day I looked forward to sitting down at my computer and seeing my group and therapists.

If I were to describe Crossroads VIOP in words… warm, supportive, professional, informative, caring, empowering, loving, healing.”

Catherine B, Ireland

Components of Crossroads’ Online Substance Abuse Counseling VIOP

  • Group and individual therapy, interactive lectures and family sessions

  • Individualized treatment plans

  • 64 treatment hours per month

  • Four 1-hour group therapy sessions weekly

  • Two 1-hour online substance abuse counseling individual sessions twice weekly

  • Online closed AA meetings

  • Mindfulness/meditation


4 weeks: US$1,400.00

6 weeks: US$2,100.00

Still undecided on online substance abuse counseling?

  • Have you noticed recently that my recreational substance use has increased?

  • Do you find yourself drinking more to cope with the challenges resulting from COVID-19?

  • Do you not feel fully ready to face your life, but know you can’t stay in inpatient care forever?

  • Does your healthcare provider recommended that you give IOP a try?

  • Do you want to stay with your family but know if you don’t get help now, you may lose them?

  • Do you view yourself as not having a problem, but your friends and family have started to complain about your substance use?

If you answered yes to any of the questions below, give our admissions team a call.

The VIOP may be ideal for you. An admissions screening can provide further guidance on the way forward.

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