Elements of the Program

At Crossroads, we implement a "whole person" approach to recovery.

Recovery as a process, not a destination

  • The program may begin with detoxification supervised by our full-Time physician. Clients are assisted through a process of helping the body emerge from withdrawal and begin to heal physically.
  • Assessment begins from day one, and includes physical evaluation, nutritional evaluation, social functioning assessment (including the role of the individual in the family system), psychiatric evalua- tion by our psychiatrist, and spiritual evaluation. Based upon the needs of the client, we offer 4 and 6 week program options.
  • Education on the disease of addiction is an integral part of treatment, as is learning about the necessary steps that must be taken to discover an individual’s potential to create an optimal life through abstinence-based recovery.
  • Insight-oriented therapy through both group and individual sessions helps the client gain a new perspective. A very low staff to patient ratio allows for more individualized care and attention.
  • Complementary therapies, selected to enhance our holistic approach include nutritional counseling, recreational therapy, yoga, acupuncture, spiritual integration, fitness training, and massage therapy. Additional activities are afforded by our unique location.
  • Our four day family program focuses on education on addiction and the recovery process, healing broken relationships, and encouraging all family members to get involved in recovery.
  • Continuing care starts at the beginning of treatment with an assessment of the individual’s needs. Through our relationships with outside professionals, our team helps our clients develop a plan that may include sober living options and/or ongoing groups and/or individual therapy, as well as involvement in twelve-step support groups.
  • Continued contact with our Alumni Coordinator includes scheduled follow-up and support availability for a minimum of two years after discharge. Information gleaned from this contact contributes to our ongoing research into the effectiveness of our therapeutic practices.

Our program elements include:

• Supervised detoxification • Recovery lectures • Group therapy
• Individual Therapy • Specialized groups i.e. gender • Auricular acupuncture
• Individual treatment planning • Spiritual counseling • Meditation & Yoga
• 12-step meetings and groups • Individual assignments • Fitness training
• Experiential therapy • Therapeutic massage • Nutritional counseling