Our Team

Internationally Recognized Addiction Professionals

We are fortunate to serve a diverse clientele at Crossroads Centre Antigua. Our internationally recognized staff of addiction professionals are leaders in their respective fields, and they bring a cultural sensitivity unrivaled in any other addiction treatment facility.

Picture of: Nicos M. Peraticos
Nicos M. Peraticos
Chief Executive Officer
Picture of: Treasa James, MA, CPA, CGA
Treasa James, MA, CPA, CGA
Chief Financial Officer
Picture of: L. Noverly Edwards
L. Noverly Edwards
Human Resources Director
Picture of: Joanne Gonsalves, MSM
Joanne Gonsalves, MSM
Program Director
Picture of: Shane Roberts
Shane Roberts
Operations Manager
Picture of: Joanne Gonsalves, MSM
Joanne Gonsalves, MSM
Program Director
Picture of: Claudine Knox, MS, NCC
Claudine Knox, MS, NCC
Lead Therapist / Admissions
Picture of: Colin Hodge MSc.
Colin Hodge MSc.
Primary Therapist
Picture of: T'Mira Looby MSc.
T'Mira Looby MSc.
Primary Therapist
Picture of: Regina Apparicio, MSc, MBPSs
Regina Apparicio, MSc, MBPSs
Primary Therapist
Picture of: Dr. Nevin Lewis
Dr. Nevin Lewis
Spiritual Counsel
Picture of: Beverly Hill, MBA, RD
Beverly Hill, MBA, RD
Picture of: Alexis Edwards
Alexis Edwards
Professional Trainer
Picture of: Marleen Askie
Marleen Askie
Yoga Instructor
Picture of: Dale Gardner Sr.
Dale Gardner Sr.
Head Massage Therapist
Picture of: Laureen Graham
Laureen Graham
Lead Counselor Aide /Extended Care Coordinator
Picture of: Anderson Ifeanyi
Anderson Ifeanyi
Counsellor Aide
Picture of: Chanier Moore
Chanier Moore
Counsellor Aide
Picture of: Devra Thomas
Devra Thomas
Tobacco Treatment Specialist (elective program)
Picture of: Daryl George
Daryl George
Admission Counselor
Picture of: Jamie Saunders
Jamie Saunders
Admission Counselor
Picture of: Alisha Thomas
Alisha Thomas
Admission Counselor
Picture of: Billie Sterling
Billie Sterling
Admission Counselor
Picture of: Sherry Yearwood, MD, MPH
Sherry Yearwood, MD, MPH
Manager of Medical Services
Picture of: Raju Mangrola, MD, PA
Raju Mangrola, MD, PA
Psychiatry Consultant
Picture of: Dr. Saran P King
Dr. Saran P King
Picture of: Dr. Javane Powell
Dr. Javane Powell
Picture of: Lisa Higgins
Lisa Higgins
Sr. Accounts Assistant
Picture of: Luke Weathered
Luke Weathered
IT Professional
Picture of: Joanne H. Peters
Joanne H. Peters
Customer Service Professional
Picture of: Sandra McCoy
Sandra McCoy
Alumni Coordinator
Picture of: Samantha Quinlan
Samantha Quinlan
Marketing and Development Officer
Picture of: Brian Ballantyne
Brian Ballantyne
Clinical Outreach Liaison, United Kingdom
Picture of: Catherine McDonald
Catherine McDonald
Clinical Outreach Liaison Canada
Picture of: Tato Sainz
Tato Sainz
Clinical Outreach Liaison Spain
Picture of: Peter Andersson
Peter Andersson
Clinical Outreach
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