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Our Team

Crossroads Centre employs an international team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, certified in what we specialize in-treating addiction. 

This greatly contributes to our ability to treat our highly diversified clientele with the cultural sensitivity and awareness that is unique to Crossroads Centre.

Masters level clinicians and Certified Addiction Counselors make up our team, along with our medical staff, which includes experienced Registered Nurses, our full-time ISAM certified (International Society of Addiction Medicine) Internist M.D. and American Board of Addiction Medicine certified consulting Psychiatrist. Our medical staff manages all physical health services, including detoxification and general medicine issues.

Our certified fitness instructor, nutritionist, acupuncture practitioner, massage therapists and yoga instructors work collaboratively with our clinical and medical staff to provide a highly individualized and multidisciplinary approach to treatment and continuing care planning.

Treatment Team Meetings

Our entire treatment team meets weekly to review the progress of each client. During this time, team members review and discuss a number of treatment related issues including, but not limited to, medical concerns, detoxification or post-detoxification issues, family involvement, referent considerations, current client challenges or difficulties, areas of significant progress, mental health considerations, treatment planning and assignments, and continuing care planning.

In addition, our counselors and nursing team meet twice daily to review each client’s general progress. All clinicians participate in regularly scheduled clinical supervision (both individual and group) with the Clinical Director to ensure that the highest quality of care is achieved for each client.

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