Annee Delaware, LPT, EAT, CHT

Annee Delaware, LPT, EAT, CHT

Annee Delaware, has 35 years of experience in psychiatric nurse counseling and addiction treatment across many disciplines and modalities.   She began her career working specifically with trauma survivors, and with women and adolescents healing from dissociative disorders, addiction, and eating disorders.

Early on she discovered the healing and integrative nature of the arts, and began education to become an Expressive Arts Facilitator.  She rounded out this practice by adding a certification in life coaching through the Life Purpose Institute and training and certification in hypnosis.  She carved out a niche in directing these techniques for early recovery from addiction.  She facilitated groups and workshops and presenting at conferences within her own practice for 25 years focusing on coaching, creativity, and codependency.  She continues to facilitate groups in addiction treatment centers in Expressive Arts and Life Coaching for those in early recovery, as well, groups for Families in Addiction recovery in Silicon Valley and the Central coast of California.

Annee has worked with Crossroads Centre for nearly 12 years in the Admissions department, as a Primary counselor and facilitating expressive arts groups.  She continues to work with the Admissions team to provide information, direction and assessment for admission to Crossroads Centre.

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