Addiction Treatment
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Addiction Treatment
“My vision was to create a center of the highest caliber.”
Eric Clapton, Founder

Founded by music legend Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua offers a therapeutic, supportive and safe environment—away from the confusion of life in addiction—on the beautiful island of Antigua.

Experienced and Internationally Recognized Staff

Our staff includes a full-time International Society of Addiction Medicine-certified M.D., psychologists specializing in acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness, an American Board of Addiction Medicine-certified psychiatrist, registered nurses and master’s-level clinicians.

Find the Right Program for You

We believe that addiction treatment isn’t solely about treating substance abuse—it’s about healing the body as a whole.

The provision of yoga and massage, as well as individual nutritional guidance, ensure that the physical and emotional needs of our clients are fully addressed.

Addiction Treatment
“Looking back over the years of my own recovery, I know I could never have made it without the kind of treatment that we offer here. I wish you all the best, in the hope you may find peace, freedom and happiness in sobriety.”
Eric Clapton, Founder

An International Treatment Centre of Excellence

Addiction Treatment

Our Approach to Recovery

At Crossroads Centre Antigua, we see our clients as individuals suffering from a condition that impacts all aspects of life. We begin by addressing physical needs, followed by an individualized treatment plan designed specifically for each client. Our aim is to help our clients gain knowledge and an understanding of the tools they will need to begin their journey of recovery.

“Crossroads wrapped its arms around me and helped me to rebuild myself in a happy and beautiful way. I owe my life to it. ”
Abigail F.H., Crossroads Centre Antigua Alumni
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