Addiction Treatment
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Addiction Treatment

“I could never have made it without the kind
of treatment that we offer here.”

Founded by music legend Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua offers a therapeutic, supportive and safe environment—away from the confusion of life in addiction—on the beautiful island of Antigua.

Addiction is a disease which claims too many lives and help often feels out of reach. TUFR has a mission of providing effective help against addiction through the power of music.

If you believe abstinence-based recovery should be available to all, visit the Turn up for Recovery website and join the movement.

An International Treatment Centre of Excellence

Addiction Treatment

Who We Help

Whether you are struggling with alcohol, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or any other addictive substance, our licensed professionals are here to help.

“I owe my life to Crossroads.”

“Crossroads wrapped its arms around me and helped me to rebuild myself in a happy and beautiful way. I owe my life to it.”

“My vision was to create a center of the highest caliber.”

“Looking back over the years of my own recovery, I know I could never have made it without the kind of treatment that we offer here. I wish you all the best, in the hope you may find peace, freedom and happiness in sobriety.”

“Your oasis of peace, love, beauty and serenity … restored my soul.”

“Crossroads has given me the head start that I need in my recovery. Thank you!”

“Thank you Crossroads for helping me regain a life of sobriety.”

“I highly recommend the programs at Crossroads to anyone who is serious about overcoming addiction and turning their life around.”

“Crossroads provides a safe environment to experience a positive, healthy recovery.”

“The program at Crossroads has helped me to lead a better life.”

“Thank you to Crossroads for teaching me how to live one day at a time.”

“When you get home, please, go to meetings, get a good sponsor, and work this beautiful program.”

Find the Right Program for You

Whether you are struggling with alcohol, opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or any other Addiction treatment isn’t solely about treating substance abuse—it’s about healing the body as a whole. Yoga, massage, and individual nutritional guidance ensure that your physical and emotional needs are fully addressed.

Meet Your Support Team

Crossroads’ experienced and internationally recognized staff of addiction professionals bring a cultural sensitivity unrivaled in any other addiction treatment facility.


Joanne Gonsalves Clinical Director


Jean-Machelle Benn-Dubois, Ph.D. Director of Admissions and Continuum of Care


Alisha Thomas, RN Nurse


Beverly Hill, MBA, RD Dietitian


Paula Thomas Substance Abuse Counselor

Continued Support

Recovery from alcoholism and other addictions is an ongoing process. We strive to ensure that you leave Crossroads Antigua with a recovery plan designed for your individual needs, and that, wherever possible, there is a support system in place once you return home.

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