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Recovery Article Archives

Art in Addiction Recovery

By: Annee Delaware
Primary and Admissions Counselor at Crossroads Centre,Antigua
Date:  November 2013

I still remember the picture I drew in rehab almost 28 years ago. We were asked to draw an image or picture of our Higher Power. I was jaded, cynical and certainly didn t want to draw something so silly. I was “spiritually bankrupt” as “they” say. Words to describe and identify the seeds of thought around this “Higher Power” issue were much too concrete. +view more

Changing Posture and the Exercise Effect

By: Alexis Edwards
Certified Fitness Trainer/ Consultant
Date:  September 2013

Beyond weight loss, strength and muscle toning, exercise is most effective when it is also directed towards improving posture disorder and creating muscle balance. In recognition of this concern Crossroads Centre fitness program places emphasis on exercises that are functional and address the postural needs of each client. +view more

Is there Sex after Recovery?

By: David J. Powell, Ph.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Yale University, School of Medicine
Date:  May 2013

Tim is leaving treatment after 4 weeks and is interested in re-establishing a healthy sexual relationship with his partner, only to realize that “the plumbing doesn’t work.” Jane, after 6 weeks rehab. has no interested in being sexual since most of her previous sexual experiences were violent and abusive. Joe is frightened about sexuality, saying, “I’ve never had sex without drinking or drugging. I don’t know how to be sexual and sober.”  +view more

Smoking: A habit to kick or an addiction to surrender?

By: Wendy Croze, MA CADC
Addiction Professional
Date:  March 2013

Cunning, baffling, and powerful!   Don’t those words describe addiction to a tee? Experience teaches that when we are addicted, we cannot consistently control how much or how often, nor what happens when we are under the influence. Regardless of how well our will works in other areas of life, when it comes to our addictive substance, we are powerless.  +view more

Break the fast: How starting your day with a healthy breakfast can support your recovery plan

By: Beverley Hill MBA, RD
Dietician at Crossroads Centre, Antigua.
Date:  October 2012

We’ve all heard how important it is to start the day with a healthy breakfast. In fact, many of us have vivid memories of our parents telling us exactly this when we were children, yet as adults with harried schedules, we can often neglect this critical meal. Starting the day off right is important for everyone, but even more so for people in recovery….. +view more

Anatomy of Exercise

By: Alexis Edwards
Certified Fitness Trainer/ Consultant
Date:  June 2012

It is well documented that exercise contributes significantly to improved health and physical fitness. But does it mean that because you exercise that you are fit? Maybe, maybe not. Let us examine what is Physical fitness… +view more

Healthy Eating In Recovery

By: Beverley Hill, MBA, BSc, RD
Dietitian at Crossroads Centre, Antigua
Date:  May 2012

When the topic of making healthy food choices comes up, it is usually met with some level of disdain. In many quarters, it is synonymous with rigidity and bland tasteless meals and the elimination of our favorite foods or worse yet, total deprivation… +view more

Getting The Most Out Of Your Journal

By: Greg Liotta, MSW
Primary Counselor at Crossroads Centre, Antigua.
Date:  November 2011

Many people recommend journaling as an important relapse prevention tool. Indeed, if you apply yourself to it, you will have a profound advantage. There are many ways to use a journal, all of which foster great benefits to your emotional, mental, and spiritual health… +view more

Re-New, Re-Charge, Re-Fresh your recovery program at Crossroads Centre

Date:  September 2010

September is national recovery month and what better way to celebrate your recovery than by participating in a one week intensive renewal program… +view more

Walk the Walk: Exercise and Recovery

By: John Newport. PhD
Date:  August 2009

It’s President’s Day, and I just got back from my morning walk along the Esplanade, a beautiful walking/jogging trail about 3 miles from my home. This was a picture perfect morning, the sun was out and the air was crystal clear – one of those beautiful Southern California winter mornings when the folks visiting from back East resolve to put up their homes for sale and move out here. Being a holiday, it seems that everyone was out on the trail – moms pushing their babies in strollers, couples running with their dogs, beautiful women jogging with their ponytails swaying in the breeze, and a large sprinkling of seniors in their 70s, 80s and beyond… +view more

Spreading the Good Word

By: Tania Lewis
Alumni Coordinator
Date:  July 2009

Recovery is possible! These three simple words speak volumes to those who have suffered with addiction and have found hope and renewal in recovery. It is a simple message, and yet it is a message that seems grossly understated. How do you support this message and let others who are still suffering, know that recovery is possible in their lives? As an alumnus of Crossroads you know the value of service to a strong recovery program. Your service in recovery is one way that you can support the message that Recovery is possible. Others may also come to know this message through their mere observation of your lifestyle and behaviour. After all, think of how many of you have, at some point, listened to a speaker and thought to yourself “I want what he’s /she’s got”… +view more

Uplift Your Recovery Program

By: Tania Lewis
Alumni Coordinator
Date:  June 2009

We are now approaching the rainy season here in Antigua and although we’ve had considerable amount of rain over the past two weeks it is no way near getting us out of what is now considered “Drought” in the region… +view more

What Is Sponsorship?

Date: March 2009

As winter is drawing to a close and we start to feel the warmth of spring it is a great time to put into practice healthy recovery behaviours that are important in maintaining long-term recovery such as sponsorship. Obtaining and retaining a sponsor after treatment and continuing with twelve step principles is an important first step… +view more

Grief In Recovery

By: Annee Delaware,
Primary Counselor at Crossroads Centre, Antigua.
Date: February 2009

Bereaved Man, “I m not over it.”
Friend, “You know what they say. The best thing when you lose one is to go find another. ”
Bereaved Man, “The best way is to go through it, before you even look for another.”… +view more