Crossroads Renewal Retreats

Crossroads Centre Antigua’s 5-day Renewal Retreats provide a unique opportunity to connect in a deeper way to yourself, to others, and to your spirituality. You will be able to look at the obstacles that stand in the way of having the quality of life you desire and reaffirm your commitment to recovery.
Focus and Reconnect
The safe, supportive environment of Crossroads Centre Antigua encourages clients to explore ongoing challenges, create balance and connect with the spiritual nature of recovery. Our inspiring location offers the serenity, seclusion and privacy clients need to reconnect with themselves and their recovery in deep, meaningful ways.
The Importance of Continuing Care
Recovery is a lifelong journey. By participating in aftercare, individuals are able to stay focused on their sobriety while receiving an extra level of accountability. Our continuing care programs allow clients to connect with others who face the same struggles, learn from motivational speakers and gain insight into coping with daily challenges.
Recovery Programs Include:
» 12-Step Groups
» Lectures
» Facilitated Group Discussions
» Individual Sessions
Holistic Therapies Include:
» Yoga and Meditation
» Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage
» Seaside Therapy Sessions
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          • September 12-16, 2016
          • January 16-20, 2017
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* A minimum of 4 months of active recovery is recommended to attend.