Crossroads Staff Member Wins Research Award

It could be said that each one of us has had and will continue to experience some form of trauma throughout our lives. In fact, trauma is a common normality that defines the human experience. It tests our coping skills, our levels of resilience and our survival instinct. At Crossroads Centre Antigua, we recognize this common denominator as a significant feature in the lives of many recovering addicts. Our international center for healing addresses the multifaceted nature of trauma through a healing environment, professionally trained staff and information gleaned through research.

Research studies bring understanding, which we use to design individualized interventions that address each of our clients’ deep-rooted traumas. One such study was conducted by our Director of Admissions and Continuum of Care, Dr. Benn-Dubois. Dr. Benn-Dubois explored childhood experiences of transactional sexual abuse and identified how such early life experiences impact the development of coping skills used later in life. Dr. Benn-Dubois’ study also covered the challenges encountered by mental health professions working within this unique population. The study is a cultural exploration aligned with our goals of treating multicultural, international experiences.

We would like to recognize Dr. Benn-Dubois as the recipient of an International Research Award at the 2016 APA convention in Denver, Colorado by the American Psychological Association. Our aim is to continually shape our treatment interventions to the distinctive needs of each client and to also recognize our staff’s efforts in fulfilling this goal.

Congratulations Dr. Jean-Machelle Benn-Dubois!

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