The New Year Ushers in Leadership Changes at Crossroads

Crossroads Centre Antigua, the premiere International detox and residential treatment facility entered 2015 with a new CEO.  Well known for his role in leading the Crossroads team for the last 14 years, Leo Hageman retired from his executive role, as Managing Director, in early January.  Founder and board chair of Crossroads Centre, Eric Clapton, reflected that “ Leo stepped in and took his place in the frontline at Crossroads at a time of great need….He saved our bacon, and then continued to work tirelessly to secure the future of the centre….His pragmatism combined with his hard earned experience of Antiguan culture and protocol, provided an immediate lifeline at a time when we could have sunk, literally into the mangroves….He is a man of high principle and boundless energy, combined with tenacity and great humour, and we will always be deeply grateful for his inestimable contribution to the cause.”

During his tenure, Mr. Hageman had many outstanding accomplishments; Mr. Hageman is attributed with the expanded growth of Crossroads to include the acquisition of the Sanctuary in Del Ray beach Florida, the construction of Bevon House, the transitional living house here in Antigua and the reputation and presence of Crossroads in both the local and international communities. Mr. Hageman leaves a significant vacancy with his departure.

Luckily, Denise Bertin-Epp had recently completed a 3 year term as the CEO of Guest House and was ready and willing to fulfill this position in Antigua.  After relocating from Michigan recently, Ms. Bertin-Epp began her role this month with an abundance of passion and energy.  Certainly not a novice to the addiction treatment industry, Bertin-Epp has been the CEO of two long-standing 12-step missions in the field, Brighton Hospital in Brighton Michigan and Guest House an international treatment centre providing addiction treatment to Catholic clergy and religious since 1956. The Crossroads team is very pleased to welcome Bertin-Epp to their team and is encouraged by her presence to date. In a recent discussion Paul Cummins, a long term board member of Crossroads said, “We’re excited to welcome Denise to head our established team and for her to continue to pursue the founding principles of Crossroads.” Bertin-Epp says, “The possibility to lead an organization that has such a rich history, presence in the community and a very bright future was very attractive to me.  The abundance of serenity offered purely from the Caribbean environment makes it a preferred place to recover.  Emphasizing our continuum of care between Crossroads Centre Antigua and the Sanctuary in Del Ray beach, offers greater opportunities to connect and coordinate the behavioral healthcare services for our clients and families that we serve.”

Contact information for Addiction Treatment at Crossroads Centre Antigua:

Toll-free from the United States and Canada: 1-888-452-0091

Toll-free from the United Kingdom: 0-800-783-9631

Contact information for Denise Bertin-Epp

International Mobile:  1-734-476-9931
Antigua: 1-268-764-5507

  1. Sara Nolte says:

    What a wonderful woman to step into such a leadership role Crossroads!

    I had the pleasure of being on staff under Denise Bertin-Epp leadership at Brighton Hospital and she is very inspiring, a great leader and wonderful person with insight and a keen understanding of addiction and recovery.

    Congratulations Denise! I’ve thought of you often since leaving BH. Best wishes to you.
    ~Sara Nolte

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