“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

We all face changes every day – whether it is a simple change in the weather, our schedule or expected change of seasons.

Change affects us all and we each deal with change differently. This only constant in life, the only thing we can be sure will happen.
To expect change has brought me hope during challenging or unexpected life events.
This same thought has also brought fear in situations where the last thing I wanted was change. I’ve come to realize it’s not the circumstances or the changes that dictate how my life will go, but rather how I handle those changes and disruptions. No matter the change we experience, how we embrace that change will forever impact how we are able to live with the change.

What coping strategies do you use to help you manage unexpected life changes? Do you fall back into old patterns of addictive behaviors or do you practice acceptance and other positive recovery coping behaviors?

Acceptance involves action through positive coping strategies such as affirmations, visualization, journaling and mindfulness practice.

Another positive approach to change involves reaching out to a supportive network of fellows, a counselor, family and friends.

Their insight and perspective may be that change required to push you forward in the right direction.

Remember that changes are a normal part of life,
It is also amazing how we each have our own resiliency and ability to recover from, or adjust easily to, change. Practice living life with an attitude of gratitude and embrace change as an opportunity for continuous renewal and growth.

  1. Tomi says:

    This is such good, solid advice. Currently I stay home with the kids, but am pssniag this on to a couple other people in my life who I know will appreciate. Also, helpful insight for dealing with superiors in other facets of life as well thanks

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