Addiction is a Family Disease

Imagine a family going out for a drive with an alcoholic mother at the wheel. Mother is drunk and crashes the car and all family members are injured. The ambulance arrives at the scene, takes mother to the hospital and leaves the other members of the family lying in the street. Sadly, this tragic metaphor describes what happens when the entire family isn’t treated.

The effects of addiction aren’t limited to the addicted person. Addiction is referred to as a “family disease” and successful treatment must incorporate the family of the person struggling with addiction. Research has shown that not only are all members of the family affected but also unless we treat the entire family, the chances of a loved one staying sober are slim.

Crossroads Centre Antigua has always known the importance of family involvement in treatment. In our commitment to providing the best outcome for our clients, we have expanded our family program to five days to allow for more of an integrated approach. Family members will now be able to work directly with their loved one and actually practice the skills that will not only improve communication and strengthen family boundaries but will also enable the clients and their family members to process conflict in a healthy way. Whether you have a loved one in treatment or not, any family member who has suffered the effects of someone’s addiction are welcome to participate!

Visit our website to learn more about Crossroads Centre Antigua’s 5-Day Intensive Family Program

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