Sobriety rocks!

As it looks like the world is slowly recovering from Covid-19 crisis, I get to reflect on how I live my own recovery during these confusing times.

The program of Alcoholics Anonymous tells us that more will be revealed and that we don’t know much of our real self often denied, transformed, disguised by our disease of addiction. And there it is; we are confronted to new challenges lockdown, isolation, changes of routine, loss of jobs, economic insecurity, fear of the virus, this list can go on and on… More than ever, it’s the perfect time to practice one day at a time, the serenity prayer, accepting the things we cannot change. As for me, I cannot express how grateful I am for the AA zoom meetings from all over the world which genuinely helped me to focus on my recovery.

However, I took this opportunity to make the time for a little art project: I painted some rocks with the AA slogans, and that made me realize that sobriety rocks! It was then a short step to link this with my favorite songs, and I’m happy to share my “Lockdown-Slogan-Playlist” with you:

Let go and let God: Even though I’m sober for some years, new challenges can take me back to other insane patterns, which invariably will drive me back to the drinking. I have now the choice to let go of unhealthy behaviors and letting God, as in Good Orderly Direction, to help me. Through Step 11, prayers and meditation, it’s my job to “turn my struggles over” to HP, and for this, I love to sing George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” (

This too shall pass: Most newcomers do not like this one… But it is so true in recovery: when I stay close to my AA program, it is magic how quickly my fears and struggles vanish. I try to be present as much as I can, just practice acceptance, and soon it passes. Like Dinah Washington, we can sing “What a difference a day makes” (

Live and let live: This is about not so much for me to change the world but to change myself, my attitude, my thoughts and behaviors and stay compassionate and tolerant with whatever others are struggling with. I chose to enjoy today and Nat King Cole reminds me not to forget to “Smile”

Progress not perfection: The only thing I need to do perfectly is Step 1. I keep in mind that only God is perfect, and as a human being, I will do some mistakes. I can learn from them, and as long as my priority is my sobriety, everything will be fine, like Bob Marley sings in “3 little birds”.

Easy does it: Being kind to myself, taking it easy, not struggling and stop fighting everyone and everything. I’m free from suffering in my body, in my mind and in my soul. When I remember that, an amazing sense of hope and like Shaggy, I never give up “Hope”

One day at the time: More than ever, it is time to practice mindfulness and be in the “Here and Now”. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but the present is a gift. Each day, I am able to rise and join The Beatles with humming “Here comes the Sun”

H.A.L.T.: Watch out for being Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? Back to basics, and I take the appropriate action, Mozart is often the perfect companion to fall asleep peacefully, to calm overwhelming emotions, to fix myself a proper meal or to feel the presence of HP… “Mozart meditation”

Keep it simple: It’s simple to feel that I belong to this humanity, with its strengths and weaknesses. Connection is the opposite of addiction, I have a second chance in life to work and grow with others, reach out for family, friends and fellows, celebrate the human bond as Eric Clapton does in this beautiful version of “Over the rainbow”…

Stay safe and happy 24 to all =)

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